We've Answered Your Questions for You

Ez Drive is a third-party processing company that carries out most of the services that you would normally do at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our services include registrations, plates, transferring of plates, registration renewals, plate surrenders, titles, lien applications, duplicate registrations, duplicate titles, registration changes, and document filing. We provide the same service as the DMV without the long wait or the long lines.
Yes. We will give you a surrender receipt ON THE SPOT.
For new registration and plates the DMV fee is $180 – $250.  We have our service fee in addition to the DMV fee, which includes completing the forms and making sure you have all the correct documents. Transfer of plates costs around $60.
  1. Title (To be signed by the seller and buyer)   
  2. Bill of Sale (To be signed by the seller and buyer)  
  3. Driver’s license (If you have an out of state license, you will need 6 points of ID.                                                              (See attached form https://dmv.ny.gov/forms/id82.pdf)
  4. Insurance under the registrant’s name                                                                                                                                      (You must have your full name on the ID card)    
  5. MV-82 Form (https://dmv.ny.gov/forms/mv82.pdf)     
  6. DTF-802 Form (https://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/current_forms/st/dtf802.pdf
Yes, we can apply for one for you. (It takes approximately 7 to 10 business days)                (https://dmv.ny.gov/forms/mv902.pdf)
Yes. (If you lost one plate, bring in the one you have and we’ll give you two new plates on the spot. If both plates were lost or stolen you will need to get a MV-78B form from the police). 

While EZ Drive provides many services that are provided by the DMV, we do not provide services as it relates to drivers licenses, learner permits, or identification cards. You must go down to the DMV for this type of transaction.

Here is a list of all acceptable points https://dmv.ny.gov/forms/id82.pdf